After drinking excessively, Patrick Mahomes loses the Vince Lombardi in full celebration

Patrick Mahomes was one of the players who stood out the most in the Super Bowl 2023, because, thanks to his leadership, the Kansas City Chiefs conquered the Vince Lombardi in this edition of the Super Bowl. However, due to his excess of emotion, and drinking, the quarterback lived a painful moment.

In La Verdad Noticias we tell you that the first controversial moment that ‘Pat’ Mahomes lived was in the Arizona stadium, when, after winning Super Bowl LVII he was questioned about it and, the Chiefs quarterback launched a curse:

“We played until the end in that second half. We found a way. I just want to thank everyone. We fought until the fucking end. Sorry for my language.”

Although the Chiefs player apologized, several NFL fans disliked this moment. However, some figures of this sport, such as Tom Brady, supported this controversial celebration of Mahomes, because they understood that the quarterback was very excited.

No one doubts that Patrick Mahomes is a great quarterback, he even won the MVP of the Super Bowl 2023; however, in the parade organized by Kansas City to receive the champion team, it was noted that ‘Pat’ had drunk excessively, which, again, annoyed some Chiefs fans.

In the middle of the parade, Mahomes lost the Vince Lombardi Trophy, because a fan asked him to borrow the medal to take a photo, the quarterback agreed, but forgot to ask him back for the precious trophy.

How many Super Bowls has Patrick Mahomes won?

Patrick Mahomes has won two Super Bowls; the first title was won in 2019, when the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers; the second ring, he won it barely in Super Bowl LVII, against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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