The grassland that Rihanna pocketed in the three days after the Super Bowl for the rights to her music

Although Rihanna had refused, years ago, to participate in the Super Bowl intermission, something had to be removed inside to accept this time. The eyes of the whole world were fixed on what a woman who had been away from them for six years would do on stage. The challenge was up to the expectation generated, and although for some the staging was ‘little moved’ – perhaps because of that pregnancy that would be confirmed from their own mouth days later in an interview granted to a fashion magazine – the truth is that the ‘show’ was one of those that will go down in the history of one of the largest meeting points of spectators year after year.

Barbados chose very well from her repertoire the songs she was going to interpret in a measured tour of that career that, now, it is not known very well if she is at the restart point or if, again, she will focus on her cosmetic businesses and her duties as a mother to regenerate a halo of mystery around her music. Be that as it may, the truth is that this reappearance has already come to mind. Not only of image or to verify that the public is still by your side, but also in economic terms.

The ‘top’ 3 contributions
Because the truth is that, in the three days after the final organized by the NFL, the reproductions on digital platforms skyrocketed. Or what is the same, by the work and grace of the ‘royalties’, he pocketed a good sum of money that will come in handy for the expenses of that baby on the way. It is estimated that almost 91,000 euros were added to his bank account, with ‘Umbrella’ as the first of the songs that contributed the most to that amount. The almost four and a half-million eavesdropping translated into about 17,500 euros. In the second step of this podium space we find ‘We Found Love’, with almost four million ‘plays’ that reported about 15,000 euros. And the third of them is none other than a classic like ‘Diamonds’, whose numbers are those of three and a half million listeners and about 14,000 euros.

The rest of the songs that he put before the ears of the world and that have served to swell his bank accounts were ‘One Girl (In The World)’, ‘We Have You Been’, ‘Work’, ‘Rude Boy’, ‘B**ch Better Have My Money’ and ‘Pour it Up’. From the industry sector, experts have put the accent not only on being able to enjoy it after that break to dedicate themselves to other tasks, but on that exhibition that has resulted in that spectacular increase in the ‘plays’ on digital platforms. A demonstration that she is still one of the great queens of music.

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