Allen, with 12.84 in 110 hurdles, boasts of being the fastest in the NFL

Devon Allen, receiver of the National Conference champions Philadelphia Eagles, said Tuesday that he is the fastest player in the NFL heading into the 2023 season. “I definitely am, I’m trying to balance athletics with football, it’s hard, but I’m having fun. As long as I can stay healthy I can compete against these guys,” the 28-year-old said. Allen spent the 2022 season on the Eagles’ practice squad and for this year he is determined to be among the 53 players who will seek to return to play in a Super Bowl after they fell in the LVII

edition to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Phoenix, Arizona, native has split his career between speed tests and NFL activity he reached last season with Philadelphia. In the previous Olympic Games in Tokyo, he occupied the fourth position in the 110 meters hurdles with 13.14 seconds, the gold medal went to the Jamaican Hansle Parchment with 13.04. In Rio de Janeiro 2016, he finished fifth in that event with a time of 13.31.

In June of that year, he competed in the New York Grand Prix of the USA Track & Field (USATF); He took second place with a time of 13.04 seconds in the 110-meter hurdles, the fourth-fastest record in the world so far in 2023. Confident in his speed, he stressed that today he would surpass Miami Dolphins star catcher Tyreek Hill on the field and Seattle Seahawks star DeKaylin Zecharius Metcalf. “I won’t criticize Tyreek Hill and DK Metcalf, although they have been incredible in their on-track appearances. I ran with Tyreek Hill when I was in high school and Metcalf ran 10.37 seconds a couple of years ago in 100 meters, that’s super impressive.”

You will have to convince the technician
No one doubts Allen’s speed, but he will have to convince Eagles coach Nick Sirianni that he can be at the same time reliable with his hands to be among quarterback Jalen Hurts’ deck of offensive options. “Last year my first whirlwind was training camp; Being thrown into the fire and realizing I wasn’t in school anymore. I played at the University of Oregon, but the NFL takes you to another level.”

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