NFL News: Skip Bayless Sends Bold Cowboys Warning to Aaron Rodgers, Jets

After making the big move to the New York Jets, there’s no denying that Aaron Rodgers is going to have a target on his back. Then again, you can also say that opposing teams are going to earmark any and all matchups against the four-time NFL Most Valuable Player regardless.

If you ask Skip Bayless, however, the renowned broadcaster has indeed admitted that his Dallas Cowboys’ early season matchup is indeed already encircled in his calendar — and for good reason.

Skip Bayless Adamant About Cowboys Destroying A-Rod, Jets

In a recent episode of his own show, Bayless fielded one particular question from a fan about the upcoming matchup between the Cowboys and the Jets. Skip then went into a lengthy tirade about how Dallas suffered a heartbreaking overtime loss to A-Rod and the Green Bay Packers the last time they met. Bayless remembers that moment well, and he is now adamant that his Cowboys are set to get their revenge on Rodgers and his new team:

“I do have that game circled this year because I am already on record,” Skip said. “We will finally beat Aaron bleeping Rodgers in Dallas on Sunday, September 17th at 4:25 Eastern Time.”

Bayless criticized Dak Prescott for his performance against the Packers last season, particularly when it came to the fourth quarter. Skip begrudgingly heaped praise on Rodgers’ heroics in crunch time, which is something that he clearly did not see in the Cowboys’ superstar quarterback. The 71-year-old all but guarantees, however, that Dallas will have a much different fate this time around now that Rodgers has taken his talents over to New York.

The good news for the fans is that the Cowboys get to host the Jets in Week 2, so we don’t have to wait too long before the marquee matchup. You just know that Skip Bayless is going to be tuned in for that one, and it will be very interesting to hear what he will have to say after the game, regardless of the outcome.

A-Rod’s move to New York was anything but simple. This was years in the making, and when the 10-time Pro Bowler finally decided to call time on his tenure with the Green Bay Packers, it did not turn out to be the fairytale ending that most folks were hoping for.

A-Rod went back and forth with the Packers, which according to reports, involved a whole lot of drama. It has now become a he-said, she-said situation wherein there appear to be two very different accounts of how the trade actually went down.

Whatever the case may be, the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay has officially ended. Whether or not Packers fans are devastated about this loss or are just glad that this is all over is an altogether different question.

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