American Football in Madrid: the City Council negotiates to bring an NFL game to Madrid

The NFL is negotiating with the Madrid City Council to hold a game next season in the capital. This has been confirmed by the deputy mayor of the city, Inmaculada Sanz, who has assured that they are in negotiations with the organizers of the American Soccer League to bring a game in 2024. “We are talking to them,” stressed the number two of the Consistory on Wednesday. Sanz has stressed, on at least two occasions, that negotiations are now underway. “It is good news that the NFL is interested in our city to host an international sporting event as important as an NFL game,” said the deputy mayor of the capital.

Sanz has assured that the City Council of the capital is delighted to host a meeting of the American Football League: “Madrid is always interested in hosting this type of leading events in terms of attracting the public”. In addition, the deputy mayor of Madrid has indicated that in the capital there are facilities “perfectly prepared to host these international events”. In fact, Sanz has affirmed that the City Council is willing to accept in case the organizers opt for Madrid. “We want to show that Madrid is a city that is fashionable in the world and that there are many promoters who approach us to tell us that they are interested in hosting this type of event in Madrid.”

Information confirmed by NFL management.

The National Football League organization has confirmed, through director Peter O’Reilly, that the league is interested in taking games to foreign countries. Specifically, according to O’Reilly, that game to be held next season could be in Spain or Brazil. The decision is expected to be communicated at the beginning of 2024 or at the end of this year: specifically between the months of December or January.

O’Reilly confirmed the league organizers’ decision a few days ago: “The reason we thought about Brazil or Spain to take the games is based on the number of fans in those markets compared to the total population. We want to reach all those NFL fans who have never been able to enjoy a regular season game live.”

London and Munich lead the way

Despite the possible arrival of NFL games in Spain, the league’s European tour will begin in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany. In fact, the Jacksonville Jaguars have already played two back-to-back games in London this season, one at Webley Stadium and the other at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, both English Premier League grounds.

In addition, the German city of Frankfurt will host two other games during the month of November. The first will be on the 5th, between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs and, subsequently, on the 12th, the Indianapolis Colts will face the New England Patriots. Despite these moves by the NFL, the organization has confirmed through O’Reilly that the capital of the United Kingdom will not host, at least in the near future, the Super Bowl.

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