Saints coach believes there is time to reverse the misstep

New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen evaluates his team’s recent losing streak through a hopeful lens.

“We’re not even halfway through” the season, Allen said Friday after reviewing video of Thursday night’s 31-24 loss to Jacksonville.

“There were some encouraging things regarding the ability on offense and what we can do. I saw what we can become offensively,” the coach added.

It was the Saints’ fourth loss in the recent five games, but by no means, he says, are they out of contention for the National Conference South Division where Tampa Bay leads with a 3-2 record.

In their recent losses at Houston and to the Jaguars, the Saints went deep into the opponent’s territory in the final minute, but could not come away with enough points to take the win.

At the beginning of the season, Allen stated to make possible roster changes if his players repeatedly failed or used poor technique.

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