Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest LIVE: What time and where to watch the Premier League match?

WATCH Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest LIVE this Saturday, May 20, from 11.30 a.m. (Peruvian time), for matchday 37 of the Premier League 2022-2023. The match will be played at the City Ground and will be televised through the ESPN signal and the STAR Plus streaming service.

Arsenal comes from losing 3-0 in their stadium against Brighton, who are making a remarkable campaign. Mikel Arteta’s team is second, with 81 points, and has little chance of winning the Premier League, but must win this game and hope that Manchester City loses points with two rounds remaining.

For its part, Nottingham Forest comes from a 2-2 draw against Chelsea and needs a victory that definitively moves it away from the relegation zone. Currently, it is sixteenth, with 34 points, 3 units more than Leeds that so far is the third and last relegated.

Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest: match profile

Party Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest
Day Saturday, May 20
Hour 11.30 a. m.
Channel ESPN
Stadium City Ground Stadium


What time does Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest play?
The Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest match is scheduled for 11.30 a.m. (Peruvian time). Know the schedule, according to your country.

Mexico: 10.30 a.m.
Ecuador, Colombia: 11.30 a.m.
Bolivia, Venezuela: 12.30 a.m.
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay: 1.30 p.m.
Spain: 6.30 p.m.

On which channel to watch Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest?
The Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest match will be broadcast on the ESPN channel and the Star Plus streaming platform for all of South America.

How to watch Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest on ESPN?
Peru: 504 SD and 740 HD (Movistar TV, cable), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar satellite TV), 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 65 SD and 523 HD (Claro TV, cable), 36 SD and 1711 HD (Claro TV, satellite).

Argentina: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 22 analog and 103 Digital/HD (Cablevisión), 104 Digital and 1009 HD (Telecentro), 24 SD and 154 HD (Antina), 14 analog, 102 Digital and 1000 HD (Supercanal).

Uruguay: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV).

Colombia: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 511 SD and 1511 HD (Claro TV, cable), 510 SD and 540 HD (Claro TV, satellite)

Chile: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 480 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 174 SD and 474 HD (Claro TV); 49 (Santiago), 53 (Valparaíso), 55 (Concepción) and 841 HD (VTR).

Ecuador: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 200 SD and 730 HD (Grupo TV Cable), 302 SD and 703 HD (CNT).

Bolivia: 54 (Cotas), 508 SD and 701 HD (Tigo), 40 (Entel), 105 and 507 SD and 508 HD (Inter Satellite).

Paraguay: 63 SD and 124 HD (Claro TV).

Venezuela: 621 SD (SimpleTV), 483 SD (Movistar TV), 105 HD (Inter Satellite).

Mexico: 548 SD and 1550 HD (Sky), 501 (Star TV).

Where to watch Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest online?
So that you do not miss the transmission of Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest online, you can tune into the signal of Star Plus, a streaming service where you can access all the programming of sporting events.

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