Can the herd get by without Alexis Vega?

In this episode of Marca Claro by VMS with Nico Romay, Albero Lati and Toño Moreno, we talked about the start of Round 3 of Liga MX, the Copa del Rey, the NFL postseason and there is a last-minute topic, the arrest of Dani Alves.

Dani Alves, out of Pumas.

This was reported by Leopoldo Silva, president of the board of Pumas.

More details about the case of Dani Alves, who has been dismissed from Pumas, Josue Villa with the report, in Marca Claro by VMS:

“The Pumas will seek to get away from this situation and now focus on the tournament, in addition to looking for who can take the place of the Brazilian on the side”
Toño Moreno, says on the subject: “This decision goes beyond the football team… It’s UNAM”

The absence of Alexis Vega continues to give something to talk about and Veljko Paunovic, coach of Chivas talks about it:

“The modification is the same for Alexis Vega, which is an important casualty. But it is a great opportunity for those who are there and we want players who show themselves.”
“I encourage everyone who will come out tomorrow and have the opportunity to show why they are here. Everyone dreams of being an idol and this is the moment.”
“It’s time for Victor Guzman to start, he’s going to play”

Alberto Lati, comments: “I see these 4 points of Chivas more as an inertia that occurred, than a performance or a signature in the game of Paunovic’s Chivas”.

How much does America need a win against Puebla?

Álvaro Fidalgo, player of América talks about the subject:

“Today my dream is to be champion with America in May. For me to leave without being champion, it would be a failure.”
Exclusively, we talked with Kevin Álvarez, player of Tuzos:

“I try not to be seeing those things and focus on the present and if something happens, outside or inside, wherever, I will take it as it should be.”
“My dream is there, I think that by doing things right opportunities will come”
“After two finals, Tuzos had a lot of jewelry to keep. And now they want to look for a good time to send them to Europe, “says Toño.

Juventus, was sanctioned with 15 points for the Alberto Lati Capital Gains Case with the information, in Marca Claro by VMS.

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