Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme reacted to boos at the Azteca: “When they want we fill the stadium”

After that on the night of this Monday, November 21, Grupo Firme was presented at the Azteca Stadium, as an amenity of the halftime of the game between the San Francisco 49ers Vs. Arizona Cardinals, the reception of the public was not optimal, the band of regional Mexicans already reacted in this regard.

And it is that from the moment they were announced, much of the public present in the colossal stadium south of Mexico City burst into boos and jeers that did not cease during the three songs presented by the band originally from Tijuana.

Now, it has been Edwin Caz who spoke about his experience in the NFL Monday Night Football and sent a message to those who disapproved of his performance.

“A night full of surprises and learning that I took yesterday on Monday Night Football, to which I congratulate my friends from the @49ers for the triumph,” he wrote on his Instagram account and then referred to the uncomfortable moments that the Mexican fans of American football made him go through.

“I thank with all my heart those who sang and shouted positive things at us and those who did not, because what can I tell you, I am not a gold coin. It is difficult to open a gap because you will find stones and falls on the road, but whoever is afraid of dying should not be born, that easy, “he added at the bottom of the post in which he shared images of his performance in the so-called “colossus of Santa Úrsula”.

In his message he highlighted having been satisfied with the performance in which he interpreted his songs Qué importa, Ya supérame, and El Rey de mil coronas:

“I’m happy to be a pioneer in this and I’m happy because I know that at the end of the day with the public of their servers when they want we fill the stadium. Well, I retire and leave these nice photos that I liked. PS: @yosoy8a I love you dog I’m your fan (it has nothing to do with the subject but it is raffled with that prison Alv) Postscript: Get over me, “finished the singer who is expecting his third child with his wife Daisy Anarchy.

Se conoce que la actuación de Grupo Firme fue contrastante, pues cuando los músicos interpretaron el tema Ya supérame, quizá el más exitoso de su trayectoria, se le pudo escuchar a todo el estadio cantando a una sola voz; sin embargo, una vez que terminaron de cantar la canción, regresaron los abucheos y los silbidos contra la banda, gritos que tuvieron tintes clasistas y discriminatorios.

“Se sienten gringos”, “p*nches indios”, “buuuu”, “nacos”, fueron algunas de dichas expresiones que se pudieron escuchar en el medio tiempo del encuentro deportivo que le dio la victoria a los 49ers de San Francisco.

Moments before his participation in the Azteca Stadium, Edwin Caz said in an interview to he was very excited to participate in the important sporting event: “We are very happy, very excited, it is one more achievement in the career of all Grupo Firme. We are very grateful that they take us into account to liven up this beautiful halftime. I think people are going to have a great time, they are going to sing and they are going to enjoy it,” said the interpreter for Channel 6.

The artist uncovered that he maintains a friendship with some players of the Cardinals and the 49ers, because the Mexican regional band has been successfully presented in some American cities, and thanks to this they have been able to get in touch with the athletes.

“We are friends with several of them. The truth is that in this past year we have made many stadiums in the United States and we have met part of the players and made a nice friendships with them, so everything flows great. “

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