Ferretti, Chaco and Hugo Sánchez, Cruz Azul’s Options

Potro Gutiérrez and Conejo Pérez have already been appointed to the helm of La Máquina. I am told that the former Under 17 World Cup winner already has an expiration date: he has three games to see what he can do with Cruz Azul, two ‘accessible’ ones like Gallos and Bravos, and a very tough one when he visits Rayados. If he is not convincing, the relief team will come in. That is the plan.

In the meantime, the search for a good coach is in full swing, so you will start to hear a lot of names from here to there and back again. Today there is no clear candidate, but here are three of the names that I am told are on the table and that I like for different reasons: Ferretti, for his great experience and control of the team, as he can also work with the new sporting director. Giménez, because Chaco is very well-liked by the fans and it is not a bad idea to give him the opportunity, but it would be until the following season due to his current commitment with Mazatlán. And lastly, the whim of this board of directors, which has not been fulfilled because of sleeves or sleeves: Hugo Sanchez. Do you like him?


In Cruz Azul, they moved something that was going great, and now they don’t know how to fix it. I was told that in addition to Jaime Ordiales, Víctor Velázquez’s main advisor in legal matters loves to put his spoon in La Noria: the son of the magistrate Rafa Anzures, of the same name.

He was the one who fired Álvaro Dávila and the board of directors and now he is the one who is looking for a replacement for sports director since the decision has already been made that López de Silanes will not stay on to carry the pilgrims. So don’t even get your hopes up. Or he should convince Anzures Jr.


Now, let’s be clear: Ordiales did not comply with the club and even less with Aguirre. The charrúa’s requests remained in the mailbox of unimportant things. Of the five reinforcements he asked for, he only brought Rotondi. The last straw was this board’s request to put Jurado on top of Corona. Can you imagine if Chuy had not shouted against América to avoid a defeat?

Aguirre then made a mistake with Corona, as he was afraid that if he sent him to the stands he could turn the fans against him, so he preferred to make the incredible decision of having two goalkeepers on the bench.

Ordiales continues as Velázquez’s advisor from the national team, and I am told that he is in love with the Cemetery boss, who buys everything he says. Let’s see if with the new sporting director he becomes disenchanted.


What a mess with others who tried to fix what was not broken. I start with Pumas.

The only one who backs Lillini to the hilt is Dr. Mejía Barón, who not only gave him his backing in the quarry but last week went out to explain to the microphone why he still trusts in his project.

If Pumas was doing so well with their modest squad, I was asking why they changed their transfer policy so radically to bring in so many foreigners, including the biggest PumasBoy, Dani Alves, and the comb has already been combed out.

They explained to me that at the meeting to close the last tournament, after the ride that Chivas gave them in the playoffs and after losing the Concacaf Final, Rector Graue set a goal to be achieved before he leaves: ”Make Pumas champions”. The doctor has at least a year and a half left in his term of office, so Inge Silva and his board of directors immediately got down to work. Lillini named names of reinforcements and they were immediately appointed. Mozo’s departure was designed to have resources to bring in what was required to fulfill the ‘presidential’ order.

And the chance to sign Dani Alves appeared as if it had fallen from the sky, so Universidad said yes to everything necessary for the most awarded footballer in history to help the great goal. Was it a mistake to hire him? Of course not, he helps a lot of things, such as improving the box office and selling shirts. The mistake is to have changed the system for the Brazilian to shine, even to leave him on the field for so long.

I have no doubt that tomorrow against Tigres, a fierce match, we will see the Brazilian in a role where he does not have to run so much and can contribute the talent that we all know he has.


UNAM’s top brass is already calling for the coach’s head and the Cantera board is listening; that’s why Tuca Ferretti has already been contacted to see if he can take over. Everything indicates that it will be until the next tournament, but a catastrophe against Tigres and Chivas could accelerate Lillini’s departure.


To finish with the Azteca, it has already been confirmed to me that the remodeling will actually begin next December, that is to say, it is most likely that America and Cruz Azul will play in Santa Ursula in 2023.

The issue was that the NFL did not want to move the date of the game to Mexico and since it is until the end of November, Televisa would better start the remodeling at the end of the year.

What I am told is that the mall and the hotel are in Chinese since the fight with the neighbors is tough and the Government of the CDMX has already turned a blind eye to them, that is to say, first, they said they were going to help and now the doctor and her boys are turning a blind eye. No way.

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