How is Damar Hamlin doing? Bills player health status TODAY

Good afternoon and welcome, part-time friends, to the live news and the latest information about the health status of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who has united the entire NFL in prayers that he can recover.

What happened to Damar Hamlin?
The Bills safety made a tackle against catcher Tee Higgins in the first quarter and, although it seemed like a routine play because he got up, he vanished into the field within seconds.

Therefore, they had to enter medical assistance with all equipment of equipment to perform CPR in the middle of the field of play and, later, he was transferred to the Medical Center of the University of Cincinnati.

Last update Damar Hamlin
The Buffalo Bills just posted on social media the latest update on the health status of Damar Hamlin, who has shown signs of improvement but will still remain in intensive care.

How is Damar Hamlin doing?
According to his uncle in an interview with CNN, Damar suffered two cardiac arrests and also lung damage for which he was sedated. Although the good news came from Tuesday because he was already breathing at 50% and doctors see promising signs in his evolution.

When are the Bills vs Bengals played?
After Damar Hamlin’s fading, there was a lot of confusion that the game that was going to be played at that moment, but in the end, it was postponed. Until this Wednesday the NFL has not confirmed if it will resume or no longer be played, but what is a fact is that this week will not be so and Week 18 will be played as planned.

Union for Damar
On Tuesday afternoon, all 32 NFL teams put aside their “sports differences” and posted their profile picture on social media in support of Damar Hamlin.

Damar Hamlin and the list of athletes resurrected in the full game
Unfortunately, the University of Pittsburgh has joined an undesirable list of athletes who have had to be resurrected on the field. Read the following note to remember some cases, especially in football:

David Faitelson’s controversial statements
Who again generated a topic of discussion on Twitter was the journalist David Faitelson since as a result of what happened with Hamlin, he assured that he would disappear from football.

Damar Hamlin and his foundation
Created in 2020, Damar Hamlin has a foundation, which seeks to raise money to give toys to the neediest children. Well, just 20 hours after his accident he had already collected 3.5 million dollars when the goal was only 2,500.

Bills prepare to face Patriots
Although Hamlin is still in the hospital, the Buffalo Bills will have to change the chip and prepare the game against the New England Patriots, which will take place next Sunday at 12:00 pm (Mexico Central Time), where they will seek victory because they are fighting for the first place in the American Conference.

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