How to Watch UFC Fight Online Time, Schedule, Free and Live

In this guide you will find the best options to watch UFC for free online, the best streaming sites, the best TV channels, and some pay-per-view alternatives.

If you’ve been missing out on watching live UFC events and don’t know where to watch the fights online for free… today we solve it.

I will also show you what are the advantages of each option and alternatives in case one does not work for you.

In short, today you learn how and where to watch UFC. No excuses.

Let’s get started!

Best Sites To Watch UFC Online, Free and Live

These are the 5 best sites to watch UFC online, Live and completely free.

1. Rojadirecta
A classic of free sports streaming in general. You can find UFC events every Saturday, however, you should try several streams until you find a stable and good-quality transmission.


2. SportsZone
Another classic for watching a lot of sports online. You will also find UFC live streams. It works very similarly to Rojadirecta.


3. AllWrestling
To watch live events, log on to the site on the day of the event and find the UFC section. They usually post 3 streaming options to choose the one that works best for you.


4. EventsHQ
They have a section to watch UFC live and in Spanish. Although visually it is not very convincing, it usually works and is less congested than Rojadirecta or MamaHD. The big advantage is that it allows you to download the events the next day.


5. MamaHD
Another website similar to Rojadirecta but in English. It works the same and you must find a stable transmission to enjoy the event without interruptions. The advantage is that being focused on sports in English, you will find less Spanish speakers saturating the servers.


Where to Watch UFC Live on TV (Official Channels)

This is the easiest option for those who have cable TV.

The UFC has been making several agreements with some of the most recognized sports channels to broadcast their events live and reach more people.

Thanks to the expansion of the sport, these agreements now exist for Spain, Latin America and other corners of the world besides the United States.

These are the best channels to watch UFC in Spanish:

UFC Latin America Channels: STAR, STAR+, Fox Sports

This is the channel par excellence in Latin America to watch UFC live.

In Mexico, UFC fights can be seen on Fox Deportes.

In all of LATAM, except Mexico and Brazil, STAR Plus (formerly Fox Sports) broadcasts all fights live.

It can be enjoyed in any home with a traditional cable TV plan that included Fox Sports in its plan.

Now the main fights of some numbered events can only be viewed with a subscription to Star+ which is a subscription streaming service.

UFC USA and Latam Channels: ESPN, ESPN+, ESPN Deportes

ESPN and ESPN+ are the official channels in the United States for UFC broadcasts.

In the USA, there is also a Spanish-language version of the broadcasts, called ESPN Deportes.

In Latin America, through ESPN 2 or ESPN+ specifically, you can watch the preliminary fights of UFC events, although it is not available for all countries.

Officially, the channel to watch UFC in Spain is Eurosport.

Through cable TV, some events of the year will be broadcast on the Eurosport 2 channel, included in the plans of most home TV providers.

On the other hand, and offering a better streaming experience, there is the Eurosport Player app, which must be accessed by paying a subscription.


Sin costo adicional si ya tienes televisión por cable.
Transmisiones oficiales en vivo y sin interrupciones.

Si no tienes tv por cable, no vale la pena adquirirlo sólo para ver UFC.

If you don’t have access to these channels but want quality content, you will like the following option.

The Best Apps to Watch UFC Online (Streaming)

Just as there is Netflix for series and movie lovers, there are apps for UFC and Mixed Martial Arts fans in general.

UFC Fight Pass: The Netflix of the UFC

UFC Fight Pass is the UFC’s official streaming platform for video content.

In addition to being able to watch live UFC Fight Nights and preliminary fights from numbered UFC events, it also includes bouts from other contact sports such as:

Muay Thai
And events from other MMA organizations.
Plus you have access to a giant library of past events from UFC, Pride, WEC and other organizations. It’s definitely an MMA lover’s paradise.

Cool isn’t it?

It is… although that much doesn’t come for free. It’s a paid subscription (like Netflix).

DAZN: Service to Watch UFC Online In Spain

DAZN is a streaming platform specialized in sports in general, including MMA with the UFC.

It is an interesting option to watch UFC online in Spain, although it also works in other countries in Europe and America. It will soon be available in Latin America.

If you are in Spain, you can see more information here.


The platforms offer quality content.
Access from any device with the Internet.


Payment platforms.
Just expanding in several countries.

Where to Watch Free UFC Replays Online

When you are not interested in watching the UFC live, either because you don’t have time at the time of the events or because you can’t stand watching the fights with low quality or with commercials, the best alternative is to watch the replay of the events the next day.

This is undoubtedly the best alternative to watch UFC on tape delay, at the time that suits you best.

This way there are many more options to watch UFC online at your own pace and on your own schedule, as you can even watch each fight separately.

These are the best sites to watch UFC fights for free online:

Pages to watch UFC fights at any time:
MMA CORE: This site has been uploading UFC fights Online for a long time and has been stable for years. It is a good option to watch UFC fights the next day. They also post interviews, news, updates, etc. (

EventosHQ: A site for downloading UFC fights. Please note that in some countries such downloads are illegal, so please note that this is at your own risk. They can be downloaded in Latin Spanish (

Wrestlingonlinematches: A good alternative in English to watch the replay of the fights in good quality and loading speed (

How To Watch UFC In Different Countries

Although we have already explained in general terms how to watch UFC both online and on TV, we will now summarize the options available in different Spanish-speaking countries.

Where to Watch UFC in Spain

You can watch UFC in Spain on Eurosport. On DAZN if the event is broadcast on Eurosport 1 or 2. On the Internet through UFC Fight Pass Spain paying subscription, or watch UFC for free online through Allwrestling, Zonadeportes, Rojadirecta and other sites.

Where to Watch UFC in Mexico

You can watch UFC in Mexico on Fox Sports or Fox Deportes. Watch preliminary fights with a UFC Fight Pass subscription from Mexico, or watch UFC events online for free through Rojadirecta, Zonadeportes, EventosHQ and other sites we recommend.

Where to Watch UFC in Argentina

You can watch UFC in Argentina on Fox Sports or Star Plus. If you have access to ESPN 2 or ESPN+ you can watch some preliminary fights. You can watch UFC online if you are a UFC Pass subscriber, or watch UFC for free through sites like Rojadirecta, Allwrestling, EventosHQ and others.

Where to watch UFC in Chile

You can watch UFC in Chile on TV on Star Plus (Star+) formerly Fox Sports. On ESPN you can watch the prelims of some events. On the Internet you can subscribe to UFC Fight Pass, or watch fights for free through sites like Rojadirecta, Allwrestling, EventosHQ and others.

Where to Watch UFC in Colombia

You can watch UFC in Colombia on TV on Star Plus (Star+). Watch preliminary fights for free on ESPN 2 or ESPN+. On the Internet through UFC Fight Pass pay a subscription, or watch UFC live for free through Allwrestling, Rojadirecta and other sites that we recommend.

Where to Watch UFC in the United States

You can watch UFC in the USA on television through ESPN which has the broadcasting rights. For Spanish speakers, you have ESPN Deportes. Online you can use ESPN Plus or buy a subscription to UFC Fight Pass to enjoy MMA events in general. To watch UFC for free in the United States use MamaHD, Allwrestling, and other sites.

When are there UFC fights?

UFC events are usually held on Saturday nights during US time.

There is almost always a frequency of at least 2 events per month, but there are occasions where we can enjoy many more events on a monthly basis.

They are not always numbered events as such, but UFC Fight Nights can also be held to help fill in the gaps between the major events.

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