Lakers owner vows to retire LeBron James’ jersey

Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has vowed to retire LeBron James’ jersey, which also means displaying it hanging from the rafters of the Arena, once the player enters the NBA Hall of Fame.

Buss explained in statements to Sportskeeda that the Lakers will retire the player’s jersey even if James does not finish his career with the team.

“The rule to retire the jersey as Lakers is that the player enters the Hall of Fame. I have no doubt that LeBron will arrive. When he does, we will take his shirt off,” he said.

With Buss’ commitment, the real question is which jersey will be retired. James played at number 23 during his first 3 seasons with the Lakers. But for 2021-2022, James chose to compete with No. 6.

And the player has already indicated that he will return to the number 23 for next season as a sign of respect for Bill Russell, the legendary player of the Boston Celtics, who competed with the number 6.

The NBA retired No. 6 on all teams in the league after Russell’s death in July 2022.

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