Live Public TV, Argentina vs Poland: how to watch today’s match

Argentina vs Poland lives from Stadium 974 for a vibrant match that will have a qualifier to the knockout stages. If you will not have a TV next to you, we indicate that you can follow today’s match on the Public TV platform, by entering this only if you are in the Argentine region. Still, without a starting team, Scaloni is playing one of the most important matches of his career against the leader of group C.

Lionel Scaloni stopped at the beginning the same team that played from the beginning against Mexico. Then came the tests: Nahuel Molina and Juan Foyth took Montiel’s place, Cristian Romero joined the back in place of Lisandro Martínez and Enzo Fernández replaced Guido Rodríguez.

The work at Qatar University, open to the media in its first 15 minutes, began with a recreational exercise and muscle activation, which later gave way to a tactical exercise to face the Poles. At the time of forming the team, coach Lionel Scaloni arranged the same eleven that started against the Mexicans: Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel, Nicolás Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez and Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Guido Rodríguez and Alexis Mac Allister; Angel Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez and Messi. Now, everything is a mystery and in a few hours, the alignment will be confirmed.

More than the Poles, more than the power of a goalscorer like Robert Lewandowski and a team without great lights but hard and worked, the great rival of Argentina will be the team itself, its emotional vulnerability and the paralyzing fear that another defeat decrees the end of the World Cup adventure in Qatar.

With four points in two dates and leader of its group, the team led by former goalkeeper Czeslaw Michniewicz is already valuable for the country that knew how to be third in Germany ’74 and Spain ’82. To advance to the eighth round it is enough to draw against Argentina so it is speculated that the coach deepens the defensive style of his leaders, something he denied in the previous match.

“Poland is very difficult, everyone plays differently (when they face Argentina). And not only do they change for Leo (Messi), but for many other players we have and for the respect they have for Argentina. That magnifies the party entity. We’re going to win the game, which is what we all want,” coach Lionel Scaloni said Saturday after beating Mexico.

All matches of the Albiceleste will be seen on TV Pública or Televisión Pública Argentina, on Argentina’s free TV system. The station is also located on cable: Personal Flow 11 (HD), Telecentre 8 (HD) and DirecTV 121.

If you live in Argentina you can enter register your data and enjoy the free signal of today’s match. You can also access the channel on the platforms Cablevisión Flow, Telecentre Play, or DirecTV GO.

To do this, simply go to the Google Play application store on our smart TV, look for the VLC player and proceed with its installation. Once this is done, from the menu option Medium > Open network location, we can enter the URL of the channel we want to play and that’s it.

How to watch, Argentina – Poland live online via TyC Sports?
It is possible to watch Argentina – Poland live via a mobile app from any device for the first date of group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, you must subscribe to TyC Sports Play. The broadcast can be seen on channels 21 and 101 (HD) of Cablevisión, 629 and 1629 (HD) of DirecTV, and 106 and 1016 (HD) of Telecentre, among others.

On computers, cell phones, and tablets, the option to follow the match between the Albiceleste and the Albirroja will be TyC Sports Play, or the TyC Sports signal through platforms such as Cablevisión Flow, DirecTV Go and Telecentre Play, exclusive for customers of cable operators.

Mira, Argentina – Poland live via DirecTV Sports
To get started, you must be a DIRECTV customer and have a MiDIRECTV account. Then, download the DIRECTV GO app or log in to it from your computer, and you’re good to go. You can now enjoy the channels of your plan: HBO GO, FOX APP, TNT GO, Space GO, DIRECTV Sports, and ESPN Play.

After downloading DIRECTV GO you can use it on your tablet or smartphone. To do so, look for the on-screen icon and enter the app. Once inside the application, on the home page, you will find all the news from the world of sports. You can have more information just by touching them.

Schedules and TV channels, Argentina – Poland live
We leave you a list of television channels where Argentina – Poland will be broadcast live and live for the third date of group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Also, consider the schedules by country, so you do not miss any detail of a crucial match, life or death.

In Argentina from 16:00 hours via TV Pública and TyC Sports.
In Brazil from 16:00 hours via TV Globo.
In Bolivia from 15:00 hours via Red Uno, Tigo Sports.
In Colombia from 2:00 p.m. via Caracol, RCN and DirecTV Sports.
In Chile from 16:00 hours via Canal 13, TVN and DirecTV Sports.
In Ecuador from 14:00 hours via ECDF and DirecTV Sports.
In Peru from 14:00 hours via Latina and DirecTV Sports.
In Paraguay from 15:00 hours via Tigo Sports and SNT.
In Uruguay from 16:00 hours via ANTEL and DirecTV Sports.
In Venezuela from 15:00 hours via Televen.
In Mexico from 1:00 p.m. via Televisa and TV Azteca.
In Spain from 21:00 hours via TVE and Teledeporte.
In the United States from 1:00 p.m. via FOX Sports.

What does Argentina need to qualify for the knockout stages?
In principle, it is appropriate to clarify that there is no room for initial speculation: winning the albiceleste goes to the eighth and losing is out in the first round. It is in case of a tie when it is time to take out the calculator. If Saudi Arabia beats Mexico, then Argentina will be eliminated. Also if Mexico does it by three or more goals. Any other result would qualify the selection, including a draw and triumph of the Aztecs by 2-0: the records would be identical, so the tiebreaker would be given by the duel between them, with the Argentine triumph by 2-0.

How did Messi fare with European teams in World Cups?
The 10 of Argentina played 12 matches of the 31 he played in the most important event of football against selected from Europe, where he has five wins, three draws and four defeats. He managed only two goals and provided four assists. The particularity is that two falls were against Germany (quarterfinals of South Africa 2010 and final of Brazil 2014) and the remaining against Croatia, in the group stage, and France, in the second round, during Russia 2018.

16/06/06 | Argentina 6-0 Serbia and Montenegro
21/06/06 | Argentina 0-0 Netherlands
22/06/10 | Argentina 2-0 Greece
27/06/10 | Argentina 3-1 Mexico
03/07/10 | Argentina 0-4 Germany
16/06/14 | Argentina 2-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina
01/07/14 | Argentina 1-0 Switzerland
05/07/14 | Argentina 1-0 Belgium
09/07/14 | Argentina 0-0 Netherlands (4-2 penalty shootout win)
13/07/14 | Argentina 1-0 Germany
16/06/18 | Argentina 1-1 Iceland
21/06/18 | Argentina 0-3 Croatia
30/06/18 | Argentina 3-4 France

Four facts Argentina should know about Poland
Poland is a racing team. The European cast comes from running more than Mexico (109.3 kilometers against 106.5) and Saudi Arabia (114.8 against 113.9). The difference between the two parties suggests that Poland accommodates the approach proposed by its rival in turn, no matter the hierarchy of it, whether it is a slower pace like the Mexican or a game without rest like the one preferred by the Saudis.
It has Szczesny as the big figure. The flashes will go with Lewandowski, but all Polish hope rests on goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. He is 32 years old, has been at Juventus since 2017 and owns one of the three unbeaten fences of the World Cup (along with Morocco and Brazil) and has the second-highest number of saves (9) behind the Serbian Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (12).

Little possession of the ball. A characteristic of this Poland is its rejection of the possession game. Against Mexico, he closed with 39 percent possession and against Arabia with 36. The tendency becomes the norm to review the last ten games of the team: on average, it adds 38.3 percent of possession against 61.7 of the opponent. That is, favorable terrain for Argentina’s favorite game.
A packed Lewandowski. The striker shouted with soul and life the goal of 2-0 against Saudi Arabia, after having missed the penalty against Mexico, which could have changed the landscape of his selection and group C. The nine born in Warsaw 34 years ago is the captain, scorer and symbol of the team; however, a teammate overtook him to score the first Pole in the World Cup. It was Piotr Zielinski, a key piece of Napoli’s midfield and arriving in the rival area, as in the 1-0 vs Saudi Arabia.

Argentina – Poland, match history
Prior to the decisive match in Doha, we share that both teams played eleven matches, between friendlies and World Cups. It should be noted that the Albiceleste has an advantage over the Europeans since they won six, lost only twice and drew three times. Undoubtedly, the most remembered confrontation was that of Argentina in 1978, corresponding to the second round of group B of the World Cup.

Friendly – 17/12/1968: Argentina 1 – Poland 0
1974 World Cup: Poland 3 – Argentina 2
Friendly – 24/03/1976: Poland 1 – Argentina 2
Friendly – 29/05/1977: Argentina 3 – Poland 1
1978 World Cup: Argentina 2 – Poland 0
Friendly – 12/10/1980: Argentina 2 – Poland 1
Friendly – 1981-10-28: Argentina 1 – Poland 2
Neurú Cup – 17/01/1984: Poland 1 – Argentina 1
Friendly – 1992-11-26 Argentina 2 – Poland 0
Friendly – 05/06/2011: Poland 2 – Argentina 1

What happens if Argentina wins, draws, or loses against Poland
The first thing clear is that Argentina depends on itself to qualify for the knockout stages. In this way, Scaloni’s team will only think about what they do on the field regardless of other results; However, since this is football, many things could happen.

What happens if Argentina wins vs Poland
Argentina beats Poland and Mexico beats Saudi Arabia, qualifying first.
Argentina beats Poland and Saudi Arabia ties with Mexico, qualifying first.
Argentina beats Poland and Saudi Arabia beats Mexico, both qualify, and the leader will be defined by goal difference (for the moment, Scaloni’s have +1 and Renard’s -1).

What happens if Argentina draws vs Poland
Argentina ties with Poland and Mexico ties with Saudi Arabia, it qualifies second.
Argentina draws with Poland and Mexico wins by three or fewer goals against Saudi Arabia, it qualifies second.
Argentina draws with Poland and Mexico wins by more than three goals against Saudi Arabia, which is eliminated.
Argentina draws with Poland and Saudi Arabia beats Mexico and is eliminated.
What happens if Argentina loses vs Poland
If Argentina loses to Poland, it is eliminated from Qatar in 2022.

Against whom and when does Argentina play if it qualifies for the knockout stages?
After clearly beating Mexico 2-0, with goals from Messi and Enzo Fernández, Argentina remains alive in this World Cup. Now, life and death is at stake against Group C leader Poland. It should be noted that the two selected that get into the next instance will be measured against those who advance from group D, in which France already qualified with 6, and still have chances to do so Australia (3 points), Denmark, and Tunisia (both with 1).

Without being very statistical, it is likely that France will be in the first place and the fight will be between Australia vs Denmark defined on the third date. In this way, two possibilities and tentative dates to consider are evaluated: if Argentina is in the second place it would play on Sunday, December 4 at 10:00 am. On the other hand, the second of the D will cross with the first of the C on Saturday from 2:00 p.m.

Five concepts that Scaloni left at a press conference
On the last day of training prior to Argentina – Poland, Lionel Scaloni came out in front as always and left some concepts to end many doubts. Here are five of them that were the most outstanding to take into account.

Enzo Fernández as the starter?
“He has a chance to play as everyone else has. He has entered well the two games he has had the opportunity and it is an option that we have there. I think the footballer today has to be prepared for both. Sometimes it is more important to enter from outside. The players, one enters and another exit. But in terms of play, there is not much variation.”

Mood injection
“Two or three teams are qualified. The rest are playing for the position in the next phase. When we talked about the group, it was a difficult, complicated group… We took into account that this could happen, you always have to play something. We come with an important emotional injection after having won Mexico”

The way Argentine rivals play
“It’s true that most opponents change the way they play against us. But Poland has a way of playing, it can play with a line of four, a line of five. You do not need the opponent in front of you to change, in fact in the previous matches they did. But it is true that with Argentina it happens to us, almost in one hundred percent of the games. We believe they’re going to adapt to our game, without them not attacking us.”

Happy for Brazil
“I’m South American and I’m happy for Brazil. Anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken. The Brazilian team is doing a good job and has won both games and I congratulate them for that.”

About Lewandowski
“He is a great player, it is a privilege and a pleasure to be able to see him up close like any football fan or fan. The question is a bit tricky, you have to enjoy it, so good it is, it is useless to compare it with others, “the coach replied to a Polish journalist, who asked if Lewandowski was at Messi’s level.

Who will be the referee for Argentina – Poland?
The person in charge of dispensing justice in the party is the Dutchman Danny Makkelie. While his closest assistants will be his compatriots Hessel Steegstra and Jan de Vries. The fourth will be the Honduran Said Martinez and in the VAR and AVAR will be the also Dutch Pol Van Boekel and the German Bastian Dankert, respectively. Here, is a little more from the main referee:

Matches: 589
Yellow cards: 1,854
Direct red cards: 75
Expulsions for double warning: 79
Penalties penalized: 178

Six key facts you should know before Argentina – Poland
This will be the third FIFA World Cup meeting between Poland and Argentina: Poland won 3-2 in 1974, while Argentina won 2-0 on their way before winning the title for the first time in 1978.
This is the first meeting of any kind between Poland and Argentina since a friendly in June 2011, where the European team won 2-1.
Having won four of their first seven FIFA World Cup matches against South American teams (3D), Poland has lost each of the last three in the competition without scoring a single goal.

Poland has kept a clean sheet in each of their last three World Cup matches, including both in 2022, despite conceding 27 shots (9 on goal) this year. Poland has never recorded four consecutive clean sheets in this competition.
After their last win against Mexico, Argentina will look to advance to the knockout stages for the thirteenth time in their last 14 World Cup appearances, suffering in 2002 their only elimination in the group stage during this period.
Lionel Messi has scored in six consecutive matches for Argentina in all competitions, his longest joint scoring streak with his national team (also six between November 2011 and September 2012), while he has already scored as many goals in the World Cup as Diego Maradona (8) and is only ahead of Gabriel Batistuta (10) scoring more for Argentina in the tournament.

Five tiebreaker criteria in case of equal points
Goal difference: the first mechanism to determine who advances to the second round in case two or more teams have the same score at the end of the third round. The goals scored are subtracted from the goals received and that is the difference that will grant the pass to the next round.
Goals in favor: if the numerical equality persists by goal difference, the goals in favor will be taken into account. The team that has scored the most goals will advance to the knockout stages.

The clash between teams: if the tie persists, the passage to the next round will be defined by the result between the two teams that have the same points. Whoever has won the match between the teams tied in points, will advance. If there are more than two teams tied, the one that has achieved the most points in the matches against each other will qualify. If parity continues, the criterion for goal difference and goals in favor will be resumed.
Fair Play: if the selections matched in points still do not take the advantages mentioned above, it will be defined as Fair Play. For each yellow card, each selection is deducted 1 point. For double warning -and red-, 3 points. By direct red 4 points. By yellow and then direct red will be 5 points. The team that obtains the lowest result will qualify for the second round.

Draw: if the tiebreaker has not been resolved, the chance will determine who advances from the round. FIFA will organize a draw among the selected players involved to resolve the team that qualifies for the knockout stages.

How will Argentina – Poland form in Doha?
Argentina National Team: Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel, Nicolás Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández or Guido Rodríguez, Alexis Mac Allister; Angel Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez and Lionel Messi. Coach: Lionel Scaloni.

Poland national team: Wojciech Szczesny; Matty Cash, Kamil Glik, Jakub Kiwior, Bartosz Bereszynski; Grzegorz Krychowiak, Krystian Bielik, Piotr Zielinski; Przemyslaw Frankowski; Arkadiusz Milik, Robert Lewandowski. DT: Czesław Michniewicz.

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