NFL News: Roger Goodell and league to appeal court decision against Deshaun Watson

The NFL will seek to change the decision of Judge Sue L. Robinson, who handed a six-game suspension to the quarterback accused of sexual misconduct. Bolivia tells you all the details.

The National Football League (NFL) has decided to appeal the decision of Judge Sue L. Robinson this week, where Deshaun Watson, incorporated this season as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback, was suspended for six games.

The ruling was given thanks to the analysis of 5 of the 25 complaints received by the former Houston Texans player during the entire offseason, but apparently, the league has not been satisfied with the ruling of the former U.S. federal judge.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, will participate in the hearing where the suspension for the Clemson University graduate will be determined, but it was announced what the league will seek with respect to his case. Bolivia tells you the details.

NFL to seek indefinite suspension for Deshaun Watson

As reported by Adam Schefter on Wednesday, the league will appeal Judge Sue L. Robinson’s sanction and will try to seek a new type of sanction to the one so far imposed on Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Roger Goodell and the NFL, according to the same report, will seek an indefinite suspension for the former Texans, which would mean sitting out the entire 2022 season and re-evaluating his case once the league’s new year begins.

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