NFL News Today – Thursday, December 1, 2022

Russell Wilson denies rumors: “I have excellent relationships in the locker room”
No, things haven’t gone well in the slightest this season for the Broncos, who are 3-8 sadly at the bottom of AFC West, and now the narrative could escalate into interim trouble. QB Russell Wilson, newly acquired by the franchise in the previous offseason, turned 34 on November 29, and apparently, according to multiple reports, only half of his teammates would have attended his birthday celebration.

The above, no doubt, is a prospect of seeing the glass half empty or half full. However, to this is added the altercation he had with coach Mike Purcell during the Denver game last Sunday and, as if that were not enough, a report issued by Tom Pelissero of NFL Media said that Wilson “has lost some people from the locker room.” The picture, as portrayed by the media, does not look promising. However, via Zac Stevens of DNVR_Broncos, Wilson calmed the controversy on Wednesday.

“I have great relationships in that locker room, whoever is trying to tear him down, they can’t. This is a great team. We have great players. I’m honored to be here, to play with this team and guys. There is always noise, especially when things don’t go the way you want. The thing is, you don’t speak badly. My biggest goal is to continue to lead at the highest level and be consistent with my approach, not let life’s ups and downs change you. Be consistent, knowing that I love these guys for who they are and what they do. It’s a blessing to be on this team, I’m honored.”

Finally, it wasn’t just Wilson who came out to stand up for some, so far, disappointing Broncos. HC Nathaniel Hackett did not hesitate to also dismiss the NFL Media report: “To me, it’s all gossip,” Hackett commented, via’s Nick Kosminder. “We have a fantastic dressing room. I’ve never seen someone work so hard and try to embrace a team as he has.”

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Bobby Wagner has forgotten the Seahawks: “It’s just another game”

In a move that marked the end of a cycle after having played for the franchise for a decade, LB Bobby Wagner was released by the Seahawks in early March, and although at 32 years old his best moments had already passed, he was soon signed by the Rams, division rivals. Four months later, Wagner said of his court, “There are still feelings there, I didn’t want to leave Seattle.” However, heading into Week 13 of the 2022 season, Wagner would have already forgotten his old home.

“I’m a mature man, that happened a long time ago,” Wagner said Wednesday via Gilbert Manzano of the Orange County Register, ahead of the Rams and Seahawks meeting for the first time since leaving Seattle on Sunday. “I’m focused on performing at my best against the team I’m facing this week. It’s just another game, just a game coming up that is played in our stadium against a pretty good team.”

“You never make a game too big or too small,” Wagner continued. “You never make a Monday night or Thursday night game bigger or the opponent bigger because then you become inconsistent because you’ll get up for one game, but then you won’t get up for the next one. Personally, I’m treating this game like it’s a normal one,” concluded Wagner, who landed in the NFL as the Seahawks’ second-round pick in 2012.

Wagner learned that Seattle planned to release him before the organization personally informed him of the situation, which is why GM John Schneider and HC Pete Carroll later apologized. However, and obviously, Wagner added last March that he wishes the franchise had handled it differently. However, it is time to write a new chapter, and the native of Los Angeles, California, will receive at home those who were once also his home.

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Kyler Murray Responds to Patrick Peterson’s Criticism
CB Patrick Peterson of the Vikings has only played for Minnesota for two years. Prior to that, he spent a decade of his life with the Cardinals, so, frankly, he would seem to be qualified to talk about the organization, and that’s exactly what he did. On the final episode of the All Things Covered podcast, Peterson, 32, didn’t hold back a word against former teammate QB Kyler Murray, with whom he shared a locker room for two seasons.

“Kyler Murray doesn’t care about anyone but Kyler Murray, to tell you the truth,” Peterson said in a talk that revolved around this season being a fiasco for Arizona, who are 4-8 behind. Peterson was asked about HC Kliff Kingsbury being used as a scapegoat for the Cardinals’ problems: “Not maybe, it will be, and the crazy thing is that the guy who hired him will still have a job,” Peterson said moments before criticizing a Murray who did not stay silent.

“This is not true, you’re in weird shit,” Murray wrote, via his official Twitter account. [Peterson] has my number, if you really feel like a ‘big brother’ or ‘mentor,’ you’re supposed to call me and tell me, not drag me to grow your podcast…,” Murray concluded of a Peterson who, according to Pro Football Talk, “wasn’t a fan of the way Murray handles his things.”

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Former Chargers quarterback and legend John Hadl dies
The league dresses in mourning. First announced by the University of Kansas, the death of John Hadl, former quarterback and legend of the Chargers, was confirmed on Wednesday at 82 years of age. Hadl, who attended college in Kansas, was drafted in 1962 by the Lions in the NFL and the Chargers in the AFL. Finally, he chose to sign with the then located in San Diego, where he spent 11 seasons and consolidated himself as one of the first great references of this game.

“John Hadl helped put the Chargers organization and the AFL on the sports map in the early 1960s,” reads the official statement issued by the team. “Hadl was one of the greatest and most respected Chargers of any era. Teaming with WR Hall of Fame receiver Lance Alworth to form one of football’s most feared offenses, off the field John was anything but terrifying, mentoring student-athletes in the next chapter of his career while maintaining lifelong friendships with many of his teammates.

Hahl’s footprint was big in San Diego and for the NFL. With the Chargers, for First and Ten he is one of the best players in franchise history. In fact, even though his last season with the team was in 1972, he still holds the organization’s third-most air yards (26,938), behind only Dan Fouts and Philip Rivers. In addition, Hadl was AFL champion in 1963, NFL Man of the Year (1971), and in that same season led the league in air yards (3,075) and touchdowns (21). In addition, among other things, he is a member of the Los Angeles Chargers Hall of Fame.

Finally, after his time in San Diego, he also wore the jerseys of the Rams (1973-1974), Packers (1974-1975) and the then Oilers (1976-1977). Overall, he retired with 2,363 of 4,687 complete passes for 33,503 yards (still NFL All-Time Top 40) 244 TDs and 268 INT.

Rest in peace, John Hadl.

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