NFL Week 3 Predictions 2022

NFL Week 3 2022: The song says “life gives you surprises”, but what is true is that this is what characterizes this sport. For a moment you can consider someone invincible and, suddenly, they stop being the victim and become the victimizer.

This makes the season much more exciting and we can expect many more surprises.

Venturing into this third week, the results could be:

Browns (1-1-0) vs. Steelers (1-1-0)

Steelers by -6 points. There’s no such thing as giving the benefit of the doubt and, despite having an “incomplete” defense, the Steelers can surprise offensively if their quarterback decides to execute. Cafes show more deterioration with respect to this division rival, never mind that it is the host.

Dolphins (2-0-0) vs. Bills (2-0-0).

Bills by +6 points. At the start of games, the Bills look like they have vulnerabilities, but once they mesh they become crushing. Both offense and defense show few weaknesses. The dolphins will have a big challenge against the team that has been emerging as the favorite to make it to the Super Bowl.

Jets (1-1-0) vs. Bengals (0-2-0)

Bengals by -6 points. The losses are going to cause the Bengals to react against an opponent that narrowly lost last week. The Bengals’ execution left a lot to be desired, but the talent is there. They just need to position themselves for what they need to do and overcome. Jets have a proven weapon, but it can fail them.

Titans (1-1-0) vs. Raiders (0-2-0)

Titans by +6 points. Titans is a team with great strengths that, to their misfortune, was unlucky in week 2. Raiders’ inconsistency makes them an unpredictable team, but the Titans’ execution can become clean and effective, which is not very distinguishable in Raiders.

Panthers (0-2-0) vs. Saints (1-1-0)

Santos by +6 points. Panthers’ apparent revamp has not yielded positive results, so far. Santos’ ground talent is the most peculiar weapon they have and they will probably make demonstrations that will strongly hurt their opponents.

Patriots (1-1-0) vs. Ravens (1-1-0)

Cuervos by -6 points. Both teams have the same numbers and it could be a game where you could expect either team to win. However, the performance (so far) of Cuervos has been somewhat more versatile than that of Patriotas. It will be a matter of the Cuervos’ offense scoring quickly to maintain a significant difference on the scoreboard.

Vikings (1-1-0) vs. Lions (1-1-0)

Vikings by +6 points. Leones looked fortunate last week, but their performance is not as convincing as Viking’s could be; despite showing some weaknesses. It will be a relatively easy game for the Vikings if they can find the rhythm they lacked in their second game of the season.Comanders (1-1-0) vs. Eagles (1-0-0).

Comanders by -6 points. Commanders were disoriented last week against a team that has been trying to come together for years. Aguilas’ circumstances may lead them to have bright sparks, but Commanders is likely to overcome and come out on top in this one.

Colts (0-1-1) vs. Chiefs (2-0-0).

Chiefs by +6 points. The poor performance of Potros has been surprising, as they have not won a single game. Jefes is just “carbureting” and has managed to overcome its rivals and, in this occasion, will probably add one more victory.

Bears (1-1-0) vs. Texans (0-1-1)

Bears by +6 points. A very bitter loss for the Bears last week and they will be looking for their second win of the season against a team that doesn’t look very promising as their execution shows that they are not ready to face teams with a bit more of an idea.

Chargers (1-1-0) vs. Jaguars (1-1-0)

Chargers by -6 points. Another pair of teams in the same circumstances. The difference lies in certain figures that make a difference. Cargadores promises a little better execution. Jaguars will have to look to rekindle their explosiveness to overcome their rival.

Cardinals (1-1-0) vs. Rams (1-1-0)

Rams by -6 points. This game promises a lot. It will be very interesting to see what the league champion will try to do against a “gypsy” team that manages to “get away with” surprisingly well. However, the confirmation of the team looks better in Carneros. It will be a matter of watching.

Buccaneers (1-1-0) vs. Packers (1-1-0).

Buccaneers by -6 points. This quarterback duel is one of the most anticipated of the season. Both have a lot of promise and it will be a matter of execution. As long as one has the ball, it will be the other’s moment of weakness. However, by team definition, the Buccaneers show more strength.

Seahawks (1-1-0) vs. Falcons (0-2-0)

Seahawks by -6 points. Probably the difference between these two teams is the aerial talent of the Seahawks. It will be a matter of not losing the ball and executing cleanly to not allow the Falcons to have any chance to attack it.

Broncos (1-1-0) vs. 49’s (1-1-0).

49’s by +6 points. Although 49’s suffered a considerable loss, their backup (otherwise starter) showed that when he wants to get things done he can get his team some growth. Broncos looked diminished and vulnerable last week and the momentum is with them.

Giants (2-0-0) vs. Cowboys (1-1-0).

Giants by -6 points. A lot of last week’s result for Vaqueros was due to momentum, but he’s vulnerable in truth. Giants are giving youth a chance and it seems to be working out better than ever. It will be a matter of not making so many mistakes.

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