Overreactions: Will Trey Lance’s departure with an ankle injury hurt the 49ers?

The 49ers won their game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday but lost their third overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, Trey Lance.

As soon as Lance left the game with a season-ending ankle injury, the NFL world quickly began talking about what it means for the 49ers now that Jimmy Garoppolo returns to the field.


Carlos Ramirez, sports anchor for NBC Sports, doesn’t think this statement is an overreaction, at least the first part of that statement.

“Certainly Jimmy Garoppolo knows the offense better. He has a better experience, more NFL experience than Trey Lance, and maybe the 49ers will be better in the short term for a few games or even for the season. Now whether the team is worse, in the long run, is debatable because we don’t know how Trey Lance is going to come back.

It’s true that his development will slow down because he won’t be able to play, but what the team will look like in the future, no one knows.

For now, we just have to wish him the best and that he comes back healthy as soon as possible,” Ramirez said.


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