‘Paga Dios’: TV brand promises to give money back to buyers if Argentina wins the title

Bold marketing. The TV brand Noblex is giving to talk after promising to return all the money to users if Argentina wins the Qatar 2022 World Cup


The promotion, called “God Pays,” came out on Oct. 30 and only applied during that day to people who bought 65- and 75-inch TVs.

A hefty sum to be paid
According to data from the same Noblex, that day 1000 televisions were sold, when, normally, it sells 75 televisions per month.

For the same reason, their own estimates calculate a return of more than one million dollars.

All the people who bought the product registered in person or online and added their bank account for the return of the money.

It should be noted that Argentina is already in the grand final of the World Cup and awaits this Sunday’s final match against France.

Award-winning marketing
It is not the first time that Noblex carries out this type of campaign. The company showed confidence in Argentina’s selection for the 2018 Russia qualifiers and promised to “return the money if Argentina did not qualify.”

With a record sale of televisions, that year Argentina qualified for the World Cup and Noblex reached international relevance, in addition to winning multiple awards in this regard.

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