Patrick Mahomes and the rival he has not yet been able to defeat: The scandals of his younger brother

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has had to deal with his younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, embarrassing him several times during his NFL career.

Jackson, 22, is currently under police investigation for a video showing him grabbing a woman by the neck and forcibly kissing her.

The latest Jackson Mahomes scandal
Aspen Vaughn, a 40-year-old woman who owns Aspens Restaurant and Lounge, believes Jackson was intoxicated when he forced her to kiss him.

“He forcibly kissed me out of nowhere,” Vaughn said. “And I would say, pushing him away, ‘What are you doing?’ And then he did it two more times, where last time I was pushing him away and I could see on the cameras that someone was outside the office door and was screaming for help because he’s big and massive.”

The incident happened last Saturday in Overland Park, just outside Kansas City, at the owner’s office. Jackson also pushed a 19-year-old waiter more than once, according to the owner.

Jackson Mahomes has done this before
Last year, Jackson was seen doing something similar in public while in Las Vegas for the Pro Bowl. A viral video shows the brother of the two-time Super Bowl MVP dancing in the street before a woman with a “Birthday Girl” band approaches him, so he does not hesitate to grab her and try to kiss her on the lips, but the woman quickly turns her head away and laughs nervously. Jackson faced no legal action for his actions.

Patrick, 27, has not commented on the latest issue his brother is involved in, though an attorney for Jackson said his client did nothing wrong and will take it upon himself to prove it.

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