Sunday Football NFL DFS picks: DraftKings lineup for Raiders vs. Vikings

If you’re competing in a DraftKings DFS tournament for Sunday’s NFL roster, then you’ve come to the right place. While it’s always a challenge to anticipate preseason Week 1 snap counts, we’ve reviewed dozens of realistic scripts for today’s game with the Raiders vs Vikings. Here’s our recommended fantasy soccer lineup.

Top DraftKings NFL DFS picks for Raiders vs Vikings.

Today we’re playing a DraftKings “Showdown Captain Mode” Tournament that includes a player who earns 1.5 times his rating, plus five Flex players. As always, we’re looking for that DFS sweet spot: the intersection of talent and preseason usage.

Jarrett Stidham, quarterback, Las Vegas Raiders ($11,400).

Jarrett Stidham has a lot going for him today. Unlike the opposing defense, he has already seen game action (last week’s Hall of Fame Game against the Jaguars). He’s fighting for the backup quarterback job and should play the full half. And he played for head coach Josh McDaniels when McDaniels was the Patriots’ offensive coordinator. Overall, Stidham is probably the safest DFS play, which is why he belongs in our Captain’s slot.

Nick Mullens, quarterback, Las Vegas Raiders ($7,600).

“Wait for a second,” you’re thinking. “Why should I start Nick Mullens when I’m already starting Stidham, is this a gimmick? Look, this is Week 1 of the preseason. There are more unknowns than players. So, we can roll the dice on a No. 5 or No. 6 wide receiver, or we can embrace QB reliability with something to play for.

Like Stidham, Mullens is fighting for a coveted second spot. He’s been a serviceable starter for several years and realistically could rack up 14-plus fantasy points today.

Kellen Mond, quarterback, Minnesota Vikings ($7,600).

“Wait for a second!” you’re yelling “Not another quarterback!” Yes, another quarterback, because the Vikings also play today, and we probably won’t see much of their starters. Minnesota has its own battle for the backup quarterback spot. Selected in the third round of the draft last year, Kellen Mond has the tools to become an NFL starter. He didn’t look ready last year. But he has nowhere to go but up, and with a higher ceiling than teammate Sean Mannion.

Sean Mannion, quarterback, Minnesota Vikings ($7,600).

“This is crazy!” You’re crying as you rummage through drawers for some Tums. “You’re making fun of DFS!” But that’s how the preseason works. We’re drawn to fierce positional battles that must produce a winner. This is the ultimate zero-sum game. Either the more experienced Mannion or the Mond with the biggest edge will keep the golden clipboard on the sidelines in Week 1. This type of competition often brings out the best in at least one player, sometimes both. That’s a gamble worth taking.

Keelan Cole, WR, Las Vegas Raiders ($7,600).

When the Raiders added Keelan Cole this offseason, my money was on the veteran to win the No. 3 receiver job over newcomer Demarcus Robinson. But this is still a 50/50 proposition, particularly after both won action with comparable results last week. Today, I expect Cole and Robinson to earn more targets as the coaching staff gets closer to finalizing this important part of the depth chart.

Demarcus Robinson, WR, Las Vegas Raiders ($7,600).

And, of course, we end with Demarcus Robinson – a capable receiver with perhaps his best chance to secure the No. 3 WR role. Did he take Stidham out for coffee to run his routes? Did he awkwardly bump into Cole, who was taking Mullens out for coffee at the same store? Did everyone have a good laugh? As an NFL fan, these are the questions I want to be answered. But as a bettor, all I care about is which players are best positioned to produce.

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