Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce confirm their relationship

It seems that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship began in early July 2023. The athlete performed at the concert that the singer gave at the ‘Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City’ and, according to Travis himself in the podcast he has with his brother, it was he who sought the opportunity to meet the performer, but in the end, the strategy failed.

Travis’ plan? Well, in Swift’s show, it is well known, that it is already a tradition, that the attendees wear friendship bracelets with songs and lyrics of the artist. Kelce said on the podcast that he had made one of those bracelets, especially for her, and that he had written her phone number on it. The problem is that in the end, he was never able to give it to her. “I wanted to give him the bracelet with my number on it,” he said.

In any case, although Travis’ plan failed and he couldn’t meet her, somehow the singer found out about this whole story and that’s when the rumors began that the two were getting to know each other.

Many fans of the singer doubted that this relationship existed until they saw the “Cardigan” singer dressed in the colors of the Chiefs football team in the VIP box next to Travis’ mother.

This happened on September 24, and it was a key moment for both of them. Taylor’s attendance at one of the footballer’s matches was the first time they had been seen sharing the same space, everything pointed to them being dating.

However, it was today when we finally got to see the photos that gave the green light to the rumors: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are a couple or are starting a story. Both have been seen walking hand in hand through the streets of New York with the most affectionate gestures. The networks, of course, have gone crazy with joy with this media romance of the pop diva and the NFL player, since perhaps we are facing the new fashionable couple.

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