Video: Strong fight in practice before Chargers vs Cowboys

Week 6 of the NFL 2023 is about to end with the Monday Night Football game, which faces a high-tension Chargers vs Cowboys because in the warmup before the start of the game, the players were already peeling.

All the cameras of the channels that broadcast the match were watching and doing their previews, but at one point movement began to be seen behind everyone, confirming that it was a fight between the two teams.

In the videos, you can see helmets rolling on the ground, and even the referees approaching to end the aggression, since the match had not even started and they were already hitting each other, causing a lot of attention around them.

In the end, the whole imbroglio lasted a few seconds and they ended up returning to their places to finish the warm-up of what will be a duel with a lot of tension in the Chargers vs Cowboys in Week 6 of the NFL, ending this day for both franchises.

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