“They’re the best team in the world”: Ambassador Ken Salazar on Rams

The Los Angeles Rams, the reigning NFL champions, experienced their third day of activities when the U.S. Embassy in Mexico received them on Monday.

Upon his arrival at the building located in the Cuauhtémoc district, Ambassador Ken Salazar spoke with the franchise’s legendary running back and former player Steven Jackson, as well as Justin Hollins, the linebacker who won the last Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium, in addition to the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

In his speech, the politician referred to Mexican NFL fans as “49 million fans who support and care for Mexican soccer”, and also called the Rams “the best team in the world”.

On the other hand, Salazar made an analogy about American soccer and life-taking as an example what Jackson and Hollins achieved.

"They're the best team in the world": Ambassador Ken Salazar on Rams


“Part of what you have to do in life is to enter the ring and they did it and that is why they have the success they have had. That’s the greatness of a sport that is highly recognized in the United States and the players know that they are dreamers,” he said.

Likewise, Steven Jackson stated that it is impressive to see that there are NFL fans everywhere, and from all franchises.

The Rams’ tour of Mexico will continue on June 29 when they will do an autograph signing in Guadalajara, and then on June 30, they will do the same in Los Cabos.

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