Trent Williams Pensarias que Brock Purdy es Peyton Manning o algo asi

In the Trent Williams news on Friday: Brock Purdy, next Peyton Manning?; Dak Prescott trusts his receivers; Jared Goff, at his best; and so on. Don’t miss NFL news today.

QB1 Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a broken foot over the weekend in the 49ers’ win over the Dolphins, and although the outlook is better than initially anticipated, as Jimmy G will not require surgery, he is not expected to return for the rest of the year. In other words, San Francisco is the beginning of the era of QB Brock Purdy

, taken with the last seventh-round pick in the previous April’s draft. However, Purdy would not be an ordinary rookie, or so one of his experienced teammates hinted.

OT Trent Williams, a 34-year-old veteran. Told NFL Media that Purdy has already established himself as a leader within the locker room. That the team supports him and. Incidentally, did not hesitate to compare him to Peyton Manning, NFL legend: “You’d think he’s been in the league 15 years,” Williams said. “If you’re talking, he’ll say, ‘Shut up.’ He is not a shy rookie. He will kick your ass. You’d think he’s like Peyton Manning or something. If the receivers don’t run, you’ll hear him cursing them.”

In addition, Williams also did not hesitate to praise Purdy for his performance against the Dolphins: “You arrive at a game against one of the best teams in the league and everyone looks at you to feed on you. If you walk in and don’t look confident and seem very indecisive, then everyone else starts worrying and playing insecure. When you walk in and act like you know what you’re doing and you seem to know what you’re doing, everyone is going to assume you know what you’re doing,” Williams concluded.

Purdy, who was forced to replace Jimmy unexpectedly. Debuted against Miami with 25 of 37 completions for 210 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT. Pretty solid numbers considering it was just his second time on the pitch. However, now he must show that he has what it takes to serve as a full-time starter. And his next test will be against the Buccaneers of QB Tom Brady. Where clearly Purdy will not play the experience in favor.

What do the 49ers really aspire to with Brock Purdy? Can they defeat Tom Brady and company? We read you in the comments below this article and on our social networks.

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