NFL: American League Commissioner Opens up Possibility of 4 Franchises in Europe

More teams to Europe. The commissioner of the Nations Football League (NFL), spoke on Saturday about the possibility of Europe having four teams in the League in the future.

It was at the press conference that Roger Goodell talked about this option and did so on the eve of the duel between the New York Giants against the Green Bay Packers, who will play this weekend in London.

“It’s part of what we’re doing, we’re trying to explore, could we have multiple locations in Europe, where could you have an NFL franchise? Because it would be easier to handle it as a division of four teams.”

Also, as this weekend the game will be at the newly remodeled Tottenham Stadium, Goodell does not rule out that London may have more than one team.

“There’s no doubt that London could have not just one franchise, I think two franchises. I really believe that.”

Roger’s initiative is because it would be easier for NFL teams to face the entire season without having to travel often and, above all, not having transatlantic trips like this weekend.

And it is that the NFL has 32 teams, of which four divisions are assembled: East, West, North and South, but in two conferences, the American and the National, each with 16 franchises.


In the hypothetical European league, the teams would have 12 games to play against each other without any trip to North American lands and no team from the United States travel to the Old Continent.

Goodell, meanwhile, is in London to be aware of the reactions left by the NFL in that territory, because on Sunday the Giants and packers will face each other in another of the five scheduled games outside the NFL.

The first was already held last Sunday in the same stadium between the Vikings and the Saints, while the third will be at Wembley between the Broncos and Jaguars. Germany will close with the European tour with the Bucs against the Seahawks at the Allianz Arena.

Estadio Azteca will feature the NLF’s final matchup outside the United States this season, and the 49ers and Cardinals will do so.


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